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This section contains a number of articles, some of which focus on my work with the police, whilst others are of a more generic interest being relevant to private and public sector organisations. More articles will be added at a later date.

It is hoped you will find this section of interest, but if there are any areas that you like to see covered in future works, please let me know by email, snailmail, or post it on my new twitter page

Recent Articles:

Mountains or Molehills

The Police and People with Dementia

Raised at a Police Federation JBB workshop
What should we do if we have officers coming to us with bullying / harassment concerns, but we canít get our SMT to address the problem?

Bullying Members of Parliament - also in pdf format (10kb)

Why policy is not enough

Bullying and harassment complaints - learning from the experience

Changing Face of Policing

Cases of bullying and harassment

Organisational Culture: The Common Factor in Bullying and Harassment and Stress

Culture of the Police

Bullying & Harassment in the Police Service

Addressing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

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